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Terms of use of the siken® diet forum

It is free to register for the siken® diet forum, but you must first agree to the basic terms of use set forth below:

General terms

The accuracy, completeness or truthfulness of posts is not guaranteed. www.siken.fr does not accept any responsibility for the opinions and information posted by the users. Publication of these contents on the forum does not imply that www.siken.fr deems the information to be true and does not indicate the approval, consent or support of www.siken.fr. The posts only reflect the personal opinions or points of view of their original authors.

For all legal effects and purposes, the user is solely responsible for the information provided, opinions and, in short, the entire text of the posts that he/she writes.

The publication of posts that contain false information and/or that defame any person or entity shall not be permitted. The publication of posts with pornographic content or content of an inappropriate nature for minors shall not be permitted. The same criterion applies to posts that are racist, sexist or critical of certain sectors or groups of society.

Personal data and IP registration

www.siken.fr recommends that you do not post personal data, your email address, instant messaging ID, telephone number or home address. This information is not relevant to users and could be misused by others. As the web page is open to the public, it is easy to acquire such information from posts.

www.siken.fr does not accept responsibility for the dissemination of information, as this is the exclusive responsibility of the user who posted it.

www.siken.fr automatically records the IP address of all users who post on the forum. This IP information is only visible to the forum moderators and administrators. If so required, www.siken.fr shall collaborate to the extent possible with the competent authority to provide any kind of information about persons who have allegedly breached current legislation.

Banning from the forum

If the moderators find that a user has violated the terms of use, they have the power to issue a warning by means of the infraction system.

If necessary, they may ban the user from the forum if considered appropriate or when required by the seriousness of the user’s actions or the fact that they have violated the terms of use more than once.

The moderators may remove violations of the terms and conditions from a user’s record if his/her behaviour in the forum shows a positive change in attitude.

Problem users and users who do not agree with the forum’s terms of use

Any user who affects the smooth running of the forum due to repeated complaints or disregard for the moderators, the administration and the forum’s terms of use will be banned.

A user may not agree with all of the terms of use, but it is clear that this does not give him/her the freedom to break them. Moderators will penalize users who violate the terms of use. They may warn the user or ban him/her directly, depending on the seriousness of his/her actions and whether or not it was the first infraction.

A user who is banned from the forum or whose comments are deleted will not have the right to reply.

Posts by members who are banned from the forum

Posts by a member who has been banned from the www.siken.fr forum will be left on the website, unless their deletion is required by the terms of use. Banned members cannot request the deletion of their posts. A post in a free public domain is public data and information that has been provided in the context of collaboration, in this case for a group. Deletion of posts would therefore prevent the members of the group from accessing the information.

Terms of use are not retroactive

The establishment of new terms of use or changes to the same will not be applied retroactively. If a user has been banned or warned due to a violation of the current terms of use, he/she should be aware that any future changes to the terms of use shall not be applied retroactively and the bans or warning will remain in force.




These General Conditions are governed by Spanish legislation. Consequently, the Spanish courts will hold competent jurisdiction to rule on any issues that arise concerning the interpretation, application and compliance with the same. By accepting the General Conditions given in this Legal Notice, the user hereby expressly waives any other jurisdictional privilege to which he may be entitled through application of the Spanish Civil Procedure Act.

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