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Metodo Diet Line

Follow the protein-based diet that you like most.

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Metodo Diet Line

Today, siken® is the leading brand in protein-based diets. The dietline® method will help you to lose weight effectively, easily and healthily.
As it is a protein-based diet, you will lose weight by reducing fat, but you’ll maintain your muscle mass and no flabbiness will appear.

By following the dietline® method, you’ll gradually acquire good eating habits. What’s more, the diet will be a pleasure thanks to siken® diet, the protein-based product line designed for following the dietline® method.

Choose the dietline® method plan that suits you best:

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Benefit from a protein-based diet.

  • It’s a varied diet that’s easy to follow.
  • You’ll lose accumulated fat.
  • You’ll keep your muscle mass.
  • You won’t regain lost weight.
  • The diet gradually introduces all foods.

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This diet combines a wide variety of high-protein, low-calorie products with conventional foods. As fewer calories and more proteins of high biological value are consumed, weight is lost rapidly in the form of fat, but muscle tissue remains. Choose a dietline® method plan:

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